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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Player Advancement

One of the joys of league play is watching your players develop into stars. The primary way to do this in sports is through coaching and experience.

Of course its no different in Dreadball, during each game you need to record certain feats which each player makes. These different feats give your player a point of experience you spend this experience to level up your player and each time the player gains a level you  get to roll on the coaching tables, each roll on the coaching table gives either a new ability or increases a stat.

How to get experience: -
  • Scoring a 3 or 4 point strike
  • Injuring an opponent for 3 turns
  • Killing an opponent
  • Man of the match
For each of the above feats a player achieves during a game they gain one point of experience. 

How to spend experience: -

During the player advancement portion of the between game sequence you spend your experience. Each player starts at level 1 once your gain two points of experience you move to level 2 after you hit level 2 three points of experience will take you to level 3 etc....

How to gain new skills: -

Once a player reaches a new level you are permitted to roll on the advancement tables. For this league we are allowing the use of the advancement tables in both season 1 and season 2 rule-books  This gives 4 options for each player (robots are an exception to this but I'll not get into that just now).

Each position has two dedicated advancement tables one table in each rule book. You simply choose one then roll, simples.

The other option is the extra coaching tables each rule-book includes its own extra coaching table. To roll on the extra coaching table you must sacrifice one of your teams coaching dice.

Hopefully if you have read this you it will have given you a good idea of what you need to do once you have played your first match and have some experience points to spend.

If you found this useful and want to see more of them feel free to sweet talk me into writing more in the comments section below :D



  1. Hey let's get into the advancement of the robot team :-)

  2. Hehe to be honest its easy enough you can basically choose ANY advancement table for any position. So lets see that's 2 Jack tables, 2 striker table, 2 guard tables and 2 coaching tables I wouldn't know where to start.