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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dreadball Pre-Regional Tournament and details on this weeks Regional Tournament.

Hey folks big times for Dreadball in Northern Ireland. Dreadball has been catching on quickly across the province with a number of clubs taking up the game. Ofc I don't need to tell you all this most of you have joined the LGCs Dreadball league which has reached an insane 24 players.

Next on the local horizon for Dreadball is the first ever Dreadball regionals being held this year at Q-Con. But before we get to that LGC and Wee Gamers got together for warm up tournament testing the water so to speak before the big event. A big thank you to Ivor from Wee Gamers and Kyle our local Mantic pathfinder for running a fantastic event every one had a blast (until they played Judwan at any rate). And a thank you to all who attended 10 players is pretty damn good for a warm up Tournament.

Dreadball is a game were the incredible happens on a regular basis and if ever that point was proven it was when Colin came out of his first game with a landslide win! 

This is the trophy we all competed for again a thanks to our organizers for the prizes the Gabes were awesome.

Speaking of awesome a present to the club from weegamers in conjunction with dramascape can't wait to get a game on it.

And of course what you have been waiting for the Results

1st Place: Area56 - Judwan - Head Coach Steven Fletcher 
2nd Place: Henson's Freestylers - Corporation - Head Coach Mark Dornan
3rd Place: Morgommmmmmmmdumdum Novas - ForgeFathers - Head Coach Ryan Fletcher

All in all a very successful day one we will definitely have to do again.

Now it is on to the big one the first ever Northern Ireland Regional dreadball tournament being run be the Wee Gamers crew once again in conjunction with Mantic and Battleboards UK. It will be at Q-Con I for one will be there along with a number of others from LGC (if your looking for me I'll be in the bar). 

If the thought of playing dreadball and drinking all day doesn't entice you to go how about the Prize????

Photo: Dreadball light test

Seriously though how awesome is that.

See you all there :D

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