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Monday, 13 May 2013

Let the Rambling Commence

Well here we go the first ever LGC blog post popping our blogging cherry so to speak. By now most of you know what is planned for this blog, if you would like to contribute or find out anymore please see my recent thread on the club forum.

Saturday is the club's bring and buy sale remember bring along those old unused models and those models you bought and were never quite sure why (come on we all have them). The guys from Wee Gamers will also be down, they will be bringing some stock down so if you are looking for dreadball teams or the like they will be there.

They may also be setting up some games of Flames of War if you get a chance do check it out its a great system, for those of you who aren't familiar it's a 15mm scale game set in world war 2 which over the last few years has become very popular even getting itself added to the game systems run at the ETC.

On another note we are into the pre-season on the dreadball league there will only be two weeks left to get the game in but after that you will lose the chance to give your team an experience boost going into the first match.

If your a dreadball fan keep your eye on the blog over the next few days as I'm planning a couple of dreadball posts over the next day or so going over a couple of the aspects of league play which I hope people will find helpful.


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